About Us

"What should I wear to work?"

From wife to mother to executive or businesswoman, women today wear many hats on an everyday basis. In this time-pressed world, knowing what to wear to office should not be an additional source of stress. Since 2010, we have set out to make your life easier and be your go-to destination for work chic fashion.

Never underestimate the transformative effect of clothes. An outfit can change your mindset, your attitude and the image you present to the world. Looking good makes you feel good, giving you the confidence to conquer whatever comes your way.

Navigating the modern day office dress code can be tricky. You want to look put together without trying too hard. While some office dress codes are more restrictive than others, many companies have trended towards more casual dress code since the COVID-19 pandemic. How do you keep to a smart-casual dress code, without looking sloppy or unprofessional? Invest cleverly in versatile, mix-and-match classics that you can restyle for any work occasion and even off-duty activities.

At Alyssandra, we go by a few sensible rules to ensure you'll be dressed for success: No high hemlines. No low necklines. No revealing cutouts. Nothing that requires a special bra. We also understand your preference for comfort. You will find that special attention has been put into sourcing for practical designs with sleeves that provide arm coverage and have forgiving cuts to hide any tummy bulges.

We empower women by dressing them up in our carefully curated workwear. By offering a thoughtful range of fashion choices with a modern chic touch, we want to put the fun and ease back into your ritual of dressing for work.

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